Structural & Graphic Design Capabilities

We utilize the in-house skills of some of the best structural and graphic design professionals in the industry. Our design teams develop solutions that represent your brand image and products as you wish.


Using everything from different styles and types of stock boards, corner protectors and specialty die cutting and assembly processes, our design capabilities create the highest level of functionality in all of our corrugated products.


Casemaker and Die cutter

We’ve invested in case makers with quick set up times and fast running speeds for standard corrugated boxes. The case makers allow for multi-colour printing, hand hole and alternative cut outs.


We’ve also invested in a die-cutter, producing quality printing and precise die-cutting cartons in any shape or size you require.



We’ve invested in our own delivery vehicles, split up between Port Elizabeth and East London. Extremely reliable staff doing on time deliveries as and when customer needs their stock.


Aware of the Manufacturing industries effect on the environment, we ensure that all of our products are 100% recyclable. We continue to recycle all waste paper and currently use no toxics during the manufacturing process.